Athlete CRUSH – The Must Have Sports App for Fans and Athletes

Who are we?

We are a sport-tech company based in Philadelphia that has developed a new iOS mobile app. The app, Athlete CRUSH, is a revolutionary sport-specific social media application designed to change how athletes and fans interact. Our platform is a place where athletes can develop their personal brand, monetize, garner support for charitable efforts, and further connect with their fans. Our platform has a big emphasis on charity and we are hoping to empower athletes and fans to unite and make a positive difference using the power of sport. Not only do we want to change the world of sport, we also want to change the world through sport.

What is the Athlete CRUSH app?

The Athlete CRUSH application is a sport-specific social media platform for iOS (Android is in the works).

It provides athletes with a tool to: easily build a strong brand, better connect with existing fans, get exposed to new fans from across the globe, promote the charities and causes they are passionate about, and monetize!

It provides fans with the opportunity to: discover a whole new side of their favorite athletes, discover new athletes, brand yourself as a top fan, show support for charities and causes that athletes support, and raise awareness and even crowdfund for their own causes!

Athlete CRUSH app


Why is it needed?

Our CEO and founder, Thilo Kunkel, previously worked as a brand manager for professional athletes and working with one athlete in particular during that time lead him to create Athlete CRUSH. Thilo was working with Michael Lahoud, a professional soccer player who has played in the MLS, NASL, and USL, but his most impressive facet was always his eagerness to help others. Michael built a school in his native Sierra Leone and got involved with a handful of other organizations to make a difference here in the US and in Africa. Thilo realized that due to the simple fact that Michael wasn’t a “superstar” athlete, not a lot of people heard about his selfless acts and incredible charity work. Thilo wanted to combat that and provide a way for lesser-known athletes to build their brands and harness the incredible power of sport for good.

Michael Lahoud School for Salone

The issue with current social media offerings is the clutter. Athletes need to compete with movie stars, musicians, politicians, friends, companies, memes, and a number of other types of accounts for fans’ attention. Athlete CRUSH provides athletes with their own platform to authentically engage with their existing fans without getting drowned out by other non-sport related content. Athlete CRUSH also has a number of built in featured to help athletes gain exposure to new fans from across the globe and to potentially help them make some money in the process!

Why should users get the app?

The Athlete CRUSH app provides value for a diverse range of stakeholders in the sport industry and has been designed for sport fans, emerging athletes, collegiate athletes, and even for you superstar a-list sport celebrities. The app also provides value to sponsors, supporters, and charities with associations in the sport community.

Star athletes

For A-list sports celebrities, we offer a crowdfunding feature directly on your profile. This means that athletes can advertise and gain support for whatever charitable event, cause or organization they wish right on their profile! All they do is link their Venmo or PayPal and their fans can help them support whatever cause they are supporting.

We are making personal websites for athletes obsolete by incorporating everything their fans and potential sponsors would want to know about them right on their Athlete CRUSH profile. Our profile layout provides athletes the opportunity to highlight the things most important to them in a simple, easy to follow structure.

Emerging athletes

For lesser known athletes, we offer the same crowdfunding feature, but it can be set to where fans can support athletes’ careers instead of a charitable cause they may be involved with. We know that a lot of athletes may not have sponsors and struggle to get by, so we offer a medium through which people can help support athletes and their careers. The exposure provided by the app can also be used to recruit sponsors and supporters as lesser known athletes using the app will gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Through the CRUSH Discovery, we make getting exposed to new fans easy and fun for all athletes. We offer a Tinder-esque swiping experience with filter functions so that fans can find new athletes with awesome content easily! All the athlete needs to do is have awesome, engaging content and then we bring the fans to them!

Monetization & the NCAA

Version 2.0 is already in the works and has enhanced monetization options. Let us help you build your following and make some money too! All monetization features require approval from a compliance officer if you are an NCAA athlete. We are NCAA compliant, but you still need to make your school aware of how you intend to use the platform. Also, make sure to ask them if you have any questions or concerns. Better safe than sorry! We are also always here is your compliance officer has any questions!

For fans, we offer a platform where you can come for your sports-fix. Discover new athletes, find out more about your favorite athletes, and compete against other fans to brand yourself as the top fan! The more you engage within the app, the more points you earn towards the leaderboard, and weekly winners can win prizes!


We have also enabled the crowdfunding feature on fan profiles, so fans can raise money for charity, to go to the World Cup, or travel to see their favorite players play! There is something in it for everyone, as long as you love sport!

We provide all of this in a sport-specific platform that is completely free! To help with the issue of clutter even further, we have created fan and athlete specific feeds to eliminate the need for one to compete with the content of the other.

Athlete CRUSH App Profile

How does the app work/what can you do on the app?

This video is a walk-through with commentary taking you through the entire platform and it’s functionality.

What is the end goal for the app?

In the future, our vision is to become the go-to destination for sport content. Much like how Twitter and Facebook changed the way people access news, Athlete CRUSH will be the leading place to access sport content. We also want to encourage charitable behaviour and create a community where sport is used as a catalyst for people to support each other and make a difference. We are also working on developing an experience store where athletes can sell once-in-a-lifetime experiences to further connect with their supporters.

Join us, as we revolutionize the world of sport, and harness its power to make the world a better place.


Download the Athlete CRUSH app now to try it out!

Athlete CRUSH App