How do lesser known athletes find sponsorship opportunities? Athlete CRUSH!

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The Issue Generally, when people think of athletes they think of fame, big money contracts and the perfect life. The reality is that this is only the case for a small percentage of professional athletes in select sports. The majority of athletes need supplement their salary income through attracting sponsorships and endorsement deals. The secret…

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Looking for brand ambassadors? Look no further than Athlete CRUSH!

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The Age of the Influencer We are in an age where influencers are growing more and more powerful. In fact, the platform Traackr, which helps brands identify influencers who could be effective in growing their businesses, found that major brands who used their platform (Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Nissan, to name a few) set aside…

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Athlete CRUSH – The Must Have Sports App for Fans and Athletes

Athlete CRUSH app

Who are we? We are a sport-tech company based in Philadelphia that has developed a new iOS mobile app. The app, Athlete CRUSH, is a revolutionary sport-specific social media application designed to change how athletes and fans interact. Our platform is a place where athletes can develop their personal brand, monetize, garner support for charitable…

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Athlete CRUSH App Launch

The Athlete CRUSH app is revolutionizing how athletes and fans connect. It is a platform that helps athletes brand themselves, highlight their sponsors and causes in which they believe, and fundraise for charities or their own careers. Fans can swipe through content, follow athletes who believe in causes they believe in, and win prizes by…

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