Mohammed Basith Ali – The Incredible Indian

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Mohammed Basith Ali - The Knight Ryderz

Mohammed, aka Basith, is a professional bike stuntrider from Kerala Trivandrum, India. He started practicing stunts on his bike in the 8th grade and only 2 years later he managed to go professional. To date he has done over 100 shows for people around India. He has absolutely fallen in love with the sport which has given him so much, so he is trying to grow the sport among the youth in India. His bike’s name is Fireeye Shortfuse 380. In addition to doing shows, Basith and his team, The Knight Ryderz, have won two competitions which have earned them the prestigious title of the number 1 stuntriding team in all of Kerala. They have also put on a number of charity shows for orphans, cancer patients, and other children in their area. They paid for the entire show to give the children an amazing night to remember. He said that seeing the children smile was one of the most gratifying things he’s experienced thus far in his career.

We had the opportunity to get to know him a little better.


What is your biggest sporting accomplishment?

It has to be when I officially became a professional stunt rider. I grew up practicing and it was my dream to go pro and I cannot explain how good it felt when that came true.


What do you attribute the most to your success?

My friends, family, and my teammates. They have all supported me along this journey and pushed me to become better. A lot of parents see this sport and think that it is too dangerous and don’t let their kids participate. Also, not too many people would be as supportive as those people around me have been if you tell them you want to be a professional stunt rider. But, if you have a dream make sure to pursue that dream.


What do you hope to still achieve?

A flashy career! This isn’t the most popular or well-known sport, so I hope to play a part in growing it and being recognized as a well-known stunt rider.


What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?

I’m obsessed with stunt riding, so even on my days off I’m practicing, servicing my bike, and going on outings with my squad!


Do you have any word of advice to aspiring athletes?

My advice to aspiring athletes, especially to stunt riders, is safety first. Ride with safety gears and helmets. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, so be prepared. Also, always take care of yourself first. Do not risk your own health when it comes to competing.


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