Athlete CRUSH is a start-up company with the vision to inspire the world of sport through positivity through out new sport-specific social media platform that connects athletes and fans!

See how you can be a part of the Athlete CRUSH revolution below!

Marketing, Social Media & Business Development Intern


Work individually and in a team on the following:

Marketing/social media research – researching athletes, media personnel, agencies.

Market research – researching athletes, agencies, events.

Introduction to social media management software.

Operations – entering data on backend of smartphone application.

Insights into the business development of start-up businesses / early stage ventures.

Responsible for taking leadership over the Athlete CRUSH YouTube channel and creating content for it.

Responsible for running the company social media channels and creating the content for them.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Being proactive, self-motivated, and ability to complete individual work.

Excellent writing, analytical, and problem‐solving skills.

Must be adept with social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

Should have movie making software and experience making short videos.

Attention to detail.

Awesome personality.



The office is located at 1438 Germantown Avenue.

*Schedule is flexible.


What we have available:

Industry Hours & Junior/Senior Internships


Submissions should include a cover letter addressing your motivation and ability to meet each individual requirement as well as a resume (include grades) and experiences that are relevant to the position.

For more information and application submissions, please contact Thilo Kunkel:

Focus Group

We are constantly hosting focus groups to get consumer feedback on the social media platform that we are developing. Sessions involve creating a profile, playing around with the app, providing feedback, and providing some ideas to be incorporated in later versions. We will then have a discussion on the spot about your thoughts and opinions.

Sessions will be held at a public location in Philadelphia (can be negotiated) and last between one and two hours. The sessions are unpaid, but the experience can be counted towards academic credit in terms of industry-related hours.

Come get some insight into the creation of a mobile application and have your voice heard!

Simply send an e-mail expressing interest to:

Software/Beta Tester

We are looking for people to test the first completed beta version of our Athlete CRUSH app. It will be an awesome experience to get a first-hand look at the future of social media and sport content!

You will need to create a profile, play around with the app, provide feedback, and share your ideas for potential features in later versions.

You will be required to test the app after every update, but it is not much of a time commitment and the work can be done remotely. This is unpaid, but the experience can be counted towards academic credit in terms of industry-related hours.

Come get some insight into the creation of a mobile application and have your voice heard!

Simply send an e-mail expressing interest to:

Former Team Member Testimonials

My time at Athlete CRUSH/SPRTER has been a great opportunity to get hands on experience in a really innovative environment. Thilo and Joonas really encourage a flat hierarchy where everyone has a voice, your input is encouraged, and you get to see your contributions come to light in the organization. Throughout the rebrand from Athlete CRUSH to SPRTER we held group brainstorming sessions coming to every decision cooperatively utilizing that team dynamic. I also experienced a fair amount of autonomy, deciding what experience I wanted to get out of an internship and how I could best tie those goals to the organization, while receiving sound advice and guidance from the team along the way. The days are never dull with the team, with each day holding something new, and always great conversations going throughout the day.

Dan Chisholm

There a lot of reason why I really enjoyed working for Athlete Crush. However, I want to highlight the two most important reasons to me. The first reason is that Athlete Crush combines three aspects of sports: performance, fun and social engagement. This combination is amazing! I believe that all three things are essential to sports and what makes it so unique. In addition, using various social media platforms to create related content was very engaging, since I was able to see which content works on which platform. Second is the fact that the Athlete Crush team was awesome to work with, because sports is our shared passion, which made it easy to connect, get along and have fun together. It was always easy to engage and generate new ideas that were posted online as content or became part of the strategy.

Hermann Doerner

My time at Athlete CRUSH will not be forgotten as I was able to learn, grow, and develop as a professional and in the social media space. The opportunity to develop my own social media post and execute grassroots marketing efforts helped put me in a position to succeed in the future.

Ian Trail

Working in Athlete Crush has been a truly eye opening experience. I have learned to enjoy the small scale nature of a startup company and have developed numerous skills along the way. Each day my analytical expertise is put to the test as we discuss the business development of the company and how trends in the sports world are affecting our product. Identifying problems and brainstorming solutions with the team has been the highlight of my time in Athlete Crush so far. Additionally, I have always felt as though my opinions were not only valued, but desired by management. The culture of the company is outstanding and the work I do makes me feel like I am making a difference in the sports world. Any young professional with an interest in sports can get something out of working for Athlete Crush.

Gabe Mepham

Athlete CRUSH was a great opportunity to improve my professionalism and skills for the new digital technology. I improved my skills in using existing digital technologies, including Adobe Creative Cloud, computer coding, and a platform where I was able to build an online store for the company’s new merchandise line. I took on a high level of responsibility heading that project. Throughout the internship, I was able to develop my leadership and management skills and my oral and written communication skills as well. Heading my own project and presenting and sharing my ideas and thoughts with team members helped me to improve those skills throughout the internship.

Mugyeol Choi

My experience at Athlete Crush as an intern last fall was one that I will never forget... I was exposed to the real inner workings of a startup company and in turn, learned all of the hard work and long hours that are required to get a company off the ground. From the outside, it is easy to overlook all the work that goes into creating a highly innovative app such as Athlete Crush but let me tell you, from the inside, there is no way to ever overlook any of it! As per my personal experience, the work I participated in on a daily basis truly allowed me to feel legitimate value each time I worked on a project. Most times, internships include a ton of busy work but no, not here. Here at Athlete Crush, there is no time to waste on busy work and because of that, interns are given a ton of freedom to work on stuff that truly matters to the company from top to bottom. That being said, if you are ever given the opportunity to intern with these esteemed sports business professionals... Jump at the opportunity! The growth you will receive due to the amount of quality experience you get in the sports business space due to this experience, will be unparalleled to any other opportunity, I guarantee it!

Nick Montoro