Impacting Lives as She Excels on Court

Even if you aren’t an avid follower of sport, the name Serena Williams certainly rings a bell. An awesome athlete, she is also a jovial competitor who displays her fun-loving nature on social media. Just like the funny face she made when photobombing Victoria Azarenka’s Instagram moment, despite just losing, she is not easily deterred from displaying amiable sportsmanship. Her Character, which also translates to numerous off-court endeavors, is truly impressive and the reason why she is my Athlete CRUSH.

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Serena is just one hell of an athlete. The way she carries herself on and off the tennis court is absolutely breath-taking. The confidence she exhibits when competing is indeed phenomenal as well – no wonder she is able to conquer the court. But she also maintains her integrity; many times, she has corrected a call by an umpire or linesman in favor of her opponent, not minding that she could easily notch a point through just remaining quiet.


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She does not cease dominating when on the tennis court, but she also equally devotes herself to other meaningful enterprises. She supports several causes such as those dealing with at-risk/disadvantaged youth, women’s rights, homelessness, human rights, Parkinson’s disease, physical disabilities, poverty, and education.

As a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Serena helps to spread word about UNICEF’s mission to provide quality education for the most vulnerable children in Africa. Rather than just providing funds for the projects she undertakes, Williams actively participates in bringing them to reality. UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake spoke highly of Williams when she was named an ambassador, saying “Serena Williams isn’t just a world tennis champion, she is a champion for children — and a passionate advocate for providing every child with a quality education.”

She also provides scholarships to students who have the zeal to succeed and are unable to achieve their dreams of going through college. Her tremendous achievements in 2015 earned her the prestigious Sportsperson of the Year award from Sports Illustrated.

After almost clinching the French Open title, Serena is definitely ready to make a good run in the Wimbledon Championships and gun for another Grand Slam title. From a charitable standpoint, her sights will be set high following her impressive contributions in 2015. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2016 has in store for Serena Williams. From her Character to the court, she’ll be sure to have audiences marveling.


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Posted 29 June 2016