When Humility Meets Greatness

One of the most influential and highest paid athletes in the world, Roger Federer hardly comes across as arrogant or conceited for a person of his status. Instead, he is a true class-act. He is also a masterpiece when it comes to his play – imagine the winner he smacked between his legs, back facing the court against Novak Djokovic at the ’09 US Open. He plays the sport with so much ease and makes the impossible seem effortless – perhaps that is why he is nicknamed “The Swiss Maestro.”

Federer is one of the greatest talents to ever pick up a tennis racquet, but the way he conducts himself is arguably just as impressive. He is my Athlete CRUSH because his humility not only speaks volumes about his personality but also his Character on and off the court. Through all his amazing career achievements he has never been involved in any form of court abuse, nor has there been any form of negative report on him in the media. As hectic as the ATP calendar is, Federer still finds time to make an impact in the lives of underprivileged children in his home country of Switzerland. There, he helps to ensure that children of need have access to recreational facilities so they can enhance their own athletic performance.

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Federer is also passionate about providing education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Africa. He makes high-quality early education accessible to these kids by building schools and education centers, which give the kids hope for a brighter future. This is why he is my Role Model. He spends time with children in Africa, teaching them and instilling in them a sense of belonging and optimism. Federer’s personality on the tennis court is another reason why many look up to him; he is so polite that it seems abnormal to be as polite as he is given his remarkable success. Even in the face of defeat, he gracefully commends his opponents and thanks them for a good match.

I have always thought if only athletes and celebrities could give back to society in one little way or another, the world would be a better place in which everyone could live. I hope Roger Federer continues to help support and inspire younger generations and hope that emerging stars follow in his footsteps and do even better.


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Posted 5 July 2016