Monfils: Too Good You Just Might Get Hooked

 The 2016 French Open is currently underway at Roland Garros. Yet this year’s tournament, unfortunately, is missing one key ingredient; France’s own superstar, Gael Monfils. His withdrawal from the competition, due to health reasons, has left a noticeable void in the field, but also our hearts. In tribute to what we’re missing, we’ve highlighted Monfils’ Athlete CRUSH worthiness.  

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If you haven’t heard of the name Gael Monfils, it is a clear indication that you are not a fan of scintillating tennis. Nicknamed “La Monf” or sometimes “Sliderman,” Monfils is one of the most gifted players presently on the ATP world tour. The Frenchman plays defense like it’s offense; just when his opponents think they’ve won the point, Monfils replies with a great shot. Just imagine being an athletic magician – that is exactly who this man is!

He has quick feet and tremendous speed, which explains why he is able to cover the court in the manner in which he does, hence making him able to return as many balls as possible and mostly in acrobatic fashion. Gael Monfils is indeed a Unique athlete! For first timers, you just might fall helplessly in love with tennis if the first game you watch happens to be Monfils’. He is an incredible player and possesses a great amount of flexibility, which gives him the ability to dive, slide, and hit ridiculously great shots that are deemed impossible.

Monfils does well at engaging his fans and keeping them entertained, as well as keeping them at the edge of their seats. During his match against Andrey Kuznetsov in the Australian Open 2016, Monfils practically dived to return a forehand shot that seemed to be far from his reach. Although the return missed, performances like this endear him to the hearts of many fans across the tennis world.

These displays do not come without repercussions as he gets a fair share of injuries as well, but when asked, he said he acts based on instincts. “During the point, I feel that I can have it. So I just do it because I think I have the ability to do it,” he said. “I know I can do it. The only thing people need to understand is that if I dive, it’s because I know I can dive.”

It is no surprise why Nick Kyrgios- a fast-rising player on the ATP tour thinks Monfils is phenomenal and tries to emulate some of his flamboyant styles and moves. And just like Kyrgois, you will not be disappointed if you tune in to watch the showman.


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Posted 26 May 2016