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Tranquillo Barnetta: Ein Kreis schließt sich (Coming Full Circle)

For the English version, scroll down. „Wir haben nur zweimal die Woche Training. Das ist mir definitiv zu wenig! Ich will so oft Fußball spielen wie nur möglich!“ Genau das war der Grund warum der damals elfjährige Tranquillo von seinem Dorfverein zum FC Sankt Gallen wechselte. Gleichzeitig war es der Beginn einer großartigen Fußballkarriere, die…

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Call Him Spartacus

Fabian Cancellara had not planned to be a world-class cyclist. After all, his first true passion as a child was soccer. Yet that would all change when he fell in love with an old family bike at the age of 13. From that day on, Cancellara would embrace cycling over soccer and never look back.…

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When Humility Meets Greatness

One of the most influential and highest paid athletes in the world, Roger Federer hardly comes across as arrogant or conceited for a person of his status. Instead, he is a true class-act. He is also a masterpiece when it comes to his play – imagine the winner he smacked between his legs, back facing…

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