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All Blacks’ Williams Fits the Bill

If one athlete deserved a double Athlete CRUSH, it might be Sonny Bill Williams. Not only is Sonny Bill a good-looking rugby star, but he’s also a professional boxer with a physique that’s a piece of art. We’re still talking about the same guy, he’s just twice as accomplished and impressive as your average standout.…

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Meet The Honey Badger

The difference between rugby player Nick Cummins and the world’s best-known personalities and comedians? Most people haven’t heard of Nick Cummins – yet. This Aussie character may be primarily an athlete and largely hidden Down Under, but make no mistake about it – Cummins can entertain with the very best. Her name was Sheryl. #saynotobareback…

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Isles: Shifting Gears to a Different Sport

Bo Jackson. Michael Jordan. Deion Sanders. Great athletes who made their mark in more than one sport. Generally, when athletes target a new athletic endeavor, they have some sort of prior relationship with that sport before becoming involved. Carlin Isles is Unique in that department and my Athlete CRUSH because he grew up a track and…

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