Dare To Make A Difference

When the name Zlatan Ibrahimović is thrown around in the sports world, the words “humble” or “modest” usually are not in the same sentence. Zlatan’s many famous quotes are saturated with egotistic narcissism. However, when Zlatan talks or acts, people listen and watch. Whether it is on the field ripping a ball into the goal from an impossible angle, or talking to a reporter, everyone tunes in to see what Zlatan will dare to do next.

Q: Today Ligue 1 continues as you receive Lille at Parc des Princes. PSG is undefeated in the league this year, and hasn’t lost to Lille at home since the 1995/96 season. What are your thoughts about the match against fifteenth placed LOSC? Zlatan: We will continue the same way as before, and that means winning. Q: This week it was announced that PSG has renewed Laurent Blanc’s contract until 2018. What do you think of the deal with Blanc and his contribution to PSG? Zlatan: He has done a great job, so it’s right that his contract was renewed. Q: Speaking of coaches, last week Erik Hamrén, the coach for the Swedish national team, announced that he will resign after the European Championship this summer. What do you think of Hamrén’s time as coach for Sweden, and his decision to quit after Euro? Zlatan: I think it’s a pity since he has done a great job. Q: What personal traits do you think is most important in a coach? Zlatan: Everyone is different, and at the end of the day it’s about getting results.

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Many people dislike Zlatan because of his crazy antics and arrogant style, but Zlatan Ibrahimović is my ultimate Athlete CRUSH. But wait, didn’t you just say that he is arrogant and egotistic? The answer is yes. He puts on that image, but he has used that persona to try to bring about change in the world, and here is how: Zlatan supports the #WorldFoodProgramme which is a United Nations organization that helps fight hunger across the globe.

The specific project that Zlatan decided to immerse himself into was “805 Million Names.” This campaign raises awareness for the 805 million people that are malnourished worldwide. Other athletes have shown their support by tweeting or posting statuses asking for donations to assist the cause. But Zlatan, being Zlatan, dared to boldly support the cause in a way far more elaborate than the others.

Playing for PSG on Valentine’s Day in 2015, Zlatan scored a goal. He then pulled his sweat-laden jersey over his head, revealing his fully tattoo covered chest. Whilst this action is nothing new for Zlatan, the motive behind this celebration was different from the others. The tattoos were fifty names of people suffering from malnourishment and hunger. On a worldwide stage, with the cameras all focusing on him, Ibrahimović decided it would be the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to worldwide hunger. And he did this in a way only Zlatan could.

As of 2018 Zlatan joined the LA Galaxy and in typical Ibra fashion, he took out a full-page advertisement in the LA times simply stating “Dear Los Angeles, You’re Welcome” to announce his signing with the team. In Zlatan’s debut game at 36 years old, he smashed a 35-yard volley that gave LA galaxy fans a taste of what the Swedish persona is all about. On his caption of the goal posted below, he even had the audacity to write MLZ (Major League Zlatan) rather than MLS; if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Zlatan, I don’t know what will.

MLZ @lagalaxy

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I have a CRUSH on Zlatan for his Character and Uniqueness. While he may have a ferocious attitude on the field and a cocky attitude off the pitch, Zlatan Ibrahimović knows what is important. He aligns with causes and then goes above and beyond the bare minimum to support them. He also encourages others to also go above and beyond. Who else would have the audacity to tattoo fifty names on their body to show off to the world? Zlatan embodies the spirit of Athlete CRUSH as he not only excels on the field, but also uses sport as a place to change the world for the better.

Watch here for a compilation of Zlatan’s best moments:


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Posted 9 May 2016