The Meir Look of it All

Tattoos and fashion. The two have become synonymous with footballing culture since the turn of the 21st century. While some players are merely catching up and adjusting to the times, others are paving the way for new trends and styles. Portuguese midfielder Raul Meireles has been an avant-garde stylistic trailblazer for years who has thoroughly entertained soccer audiences all over the globe.

If you ever find yourself watching a game in which Meireles is playing, you’ll need not look hard to spot the Fenerbahçe playmaker. Whether it’s his audacious mohawk, bushy beard, or ink infused skin, Meireles invariably sticks out like a sore thumb. The combination of his physical attributes is as awesome as it is intriguing; his hair screams out rock star, his beard makes one wonder if he just finished hacking redwoods to bits, and his tattoos suggest he’s a human tapestry. Yet labels and judgement hardly do justice to the Unique individual that is Raul Meireles. His self-expression and “don’t care” attitude when it comes to personal style are a joy to behold as well as a welcome reminder to focus on what makes each of us as individuals stand out.

Meireles has been an avid fan of tattoos since he was 18 years old and has always added diversity to the teams for which he has played. Despite judgemental opinion, however, he is anything but an unkempt, barbarous wild child. His fashion sense away from soccer, as seen below, leaves few doubts as to his ability to prove presentable in the public eye. In 2009, he and wife, Ivone, opened their very own clothing store in Portugal and have been en vogue ever since. His presence at fashion shows and connections to top designers and brands makes him not just a hobbyist of style, but a bonafide fashionista.

Raul Meireles is my Athlete CRUSH for his Uniqueness as shown by his stylish self-expression. Few in the sport of soccer make as loud a statement as Meireles and worry as little about what others may think. His devotion to and confidence in his own unparalleled appearance is both a breath of fresh air and genuine encouragement for others to pursue what matters most to them.


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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 25 June 2016