Deuce for Double Use

At first glance of his long and serious face, one would expect Clint Dempsey to be all business on and off the pitch. While he puts 110% into every game, he also shows his personality more than you might think. His essence can be felt far and wide, as both club and country have greatly benefited from his services. The clutch and powerful strikes he has produced for the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) and Seattle Sounders instantly make him a fan favorite and my Athlete CRUSH.

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Just like any player out there, Dempsey takes soccer seriously. He’s had his fair share of great games as well as those where he’s had a quieter impact, but what really sets him apart is his Uniqueness. Despite common belief, Dempsey is not simply an introverted personality; he likes to show who he is. Away from soccer he engages in hobbies that allow him to express himself, such as music. In 2006, the man known as Deuce wrote and rapped a song called “Don’t Tread on Me,” where he talks about his life as a soccer player and growing up in Texas.

Interestingly, he had the choice to spend money on a great eye-catching video but instead decided on a low-key production. As his video suggests, Dempsey is true to his roots and supportive of the place where he grew up. While proving a star on the USMNT, he has shown that he is still a regular guy by doing what he loves on the side.

Soccer is a game of Skill, and Dempsey has plenty of it. He’s light on his feet and intelligent to know what to do with or without the ball. Making his first international appearance for the USMNT at the age of 21, his goal scoring ability quickly made him one of the best strikers to play on the national team. Still on the squad at the age of 33, he has totalled 49 goals in 122 caps. Only Landon Donovan has more all-time goals for the USMNT with 57. With strong performances in upcoming international play, he could one day surpass Donavan’s record.

Dempsey’s goal scoring abilities also extend beyond the National Team. In his short stint in Europe, playing for Fulham FC, he was the first American-born player to score a hat-trick in English football. His talent is unquestionable, which makes him one of the most loved players in the USA. Currently with the Sounders of the MLS, Clint showed his worth last year by scoring 10 goals and assisting on 10 others, while starting all 23 games including playoffs. The Sounders have been struggling so far this season, but there is still a long season ahead – and with Dempsey leading them, I am positive they will be back in the MLS playoff race.

Puttin’ on again for the city tonight.

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Clint’s uniqueness is exemplified by his personality away from the game. He is able to express himself and connect with fans in ways other than soccer. Dempsey also uses his individual skill to demonstrate how valuable he is to the teams for which he plays. These two qualities let him stand out regardless of where he may be. I hope to see him dominate in this year’s exciting Copa America Centenario, and if he’s true to form, he just might begin to close in on Donovan’s all-time goals record.


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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 3 June 2016