The Man They Call Rambo

To put it simply, Welsh soccer star Aaron Ramsey is a top bloke. His relentless approach on the field on top of his compassionate nature and infectious personality makes him one of the more likable athletes in all of soccer. It’s hard to find a bad word spoken about the man who suffered a horrendous double fracture of his right leg in 2010, and who has been plagued by injuries ever since.

Yet Ramsey doesn’t want to be bothered by sympathy thrown his way or distracted by soccer’s unpredictable detriments – on the contrary, he’d rather spend his spare time advocating for urgent causes around the world and helping those most in need. Ramsey has consistently been a leading force in the community and is my Athlete CRUSH for his Character and status as a Role Model.

Although he’s built a reputation as one of soccer’s top young stars, Ramsey hasn’t let all the attention and praise infiltrate his life or get to his head. Instead, the 25-year-old is just the same kid who grew up in Caerphilly, Wales and who prefers to live a low-key lifestyle around those he cherishes. He’s not so much interested in leveraging his status to win over new girlfriends, pals, and influential folk. In 2014, Ramsey married childhood sweetheart, Colleen Rowlands. He also frequently returns to his roots to visit friends and family as if nothing has changed. He remains a modest, polite, and thoughtful young man to this day, who pays no mind to the flash of the wealthy and privileged life.

A natural leader by example for Arsenal of the English Premier League (EPL), Ramsey has had to overcome a disastrous injury and subsequent knocks since. Against Stoke City in 2010, Ramsey broke both his tibia and fibula and would have to undergo a long journey to reclaim his position on the squad the following year. Despite the damage to his body, however, Ramsey has been steadfast in his determination to regain top form and thoroughly excel on the field. Ramsey embodies a modern day athlete with great Character due to his humble and persistent actions as well as his selfless personal conduct.

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Ramsey is also a great Role Model for the work he does in the community. A staunch supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), he has been very vocal about the issues of animal conservation all over the world. Ramsey has been particularly active in the fight to prevent poachers from decimating elephant and rhinoceros populations. His passion for animals was met with his desire to establish the Aaron Ramsey Foundation.

Through his organization, he has been able to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease, an ailment he knows all too well. Several years back his uncle passed from Parkinson’s – a period that was hard for Ramsey to witness and accept. As he has done so often before, though, Ramsey has used the adversity in his life to create an opportunity for betterment, and that is exactly what he strives to do today through his charity and advocacy work.

Since his debut with Arsenal at age 17, Ramsey has always had a good head on his shoulders. Now, as a mature 25-year-old veteran, he epitomizes what a professional athlete is all about; a focused, respectful teammate and citizen, who continually looks to improve and better those around him. Ramsey may still yet have the bulk of his career in front of him, however, it’s certainly not too early to lay praise on how he has conducted himself and achieved so much in the process.


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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 1 July 2016