Meet The Honey Badger

The difference between rugby player Nick Cummins and the world’s best-known personalities and comedians? Most people haven’t heard of Nick Cummins – yet. This Aussie character may be primarily an athlete and largely hidden Down Under, but make no mistake about it – Cummins can entertain with the very best.

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Strictly speaking, Cummins is a living legend. Known as the “honey badger” for his aggressive and relentless playing style, Cummins is as Unique as they come due to his infectious personality, captivating interviews, and sidesplitting sense of humor. Watch him speak and I dare you not to crack a smile. His easygoing and amusing demeanor is enough to win over throngs of supporters by itself, but Cummins takes it miles further with his Australian-rich storytelling and bag full of cracking analogies.

The man is simply one of a kind, and a pure joy to watch with the mic in hand. On the field, Cummins is a true professional; focused, team oriented, and hard working. Catch him after the match, and it’s nothing but laughs and a playful nature that endears him so strongly to teammates and fans alike. His videos from social media, as seen below, singlehandedly provide all the entertainment you’ll need for the week.

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Beneath all the amusing expressions and light-hearted humor, Cummins is also a man of great Character. The son of a cancer patient and brother of two siblings with cystic fibrosis, Cummins is incredibly down to earth and aware that life should not be taken for granted. On the field, this all translates to Cummins’ reputation as an exemplary teammate. In 2014, Cummins was granted a release from the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) and turned down playing for the Australian national team so that he could accept a lucrative deal in Japan. But the motive was hardly selfish or a sign that he had burned bridges in his home country. Instead, he had learned that his father developed terminal prostate cancer, and so he sought a way to better support his family.

The man who had raised eight children as a single father instilled in Cummins at an early age how to deal with adversity and look after your own. Now, Cummins would be tasked with providing for his father and family in the only way he knew how – through resolve and sacrifice. That same tough skin and loyalty have brought him a long way throughout his playing career. And it all started with those closest to him.

At the end of the day, there’s not much reason not to have an Athlete CRUSH on Nick Cummins. He’s inspiring. He’s funny. He’s original. But above all, he’s a great guy – the type of teammate you’d want battling next to you, and the sort of family member you’d want picking you up at every turn. A man like that, I’ll back any day of the week. If you needed any more reason to like the guy, treat yourself to his “best of” moments below – and make sure to have a good laugh while you’re at it.


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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 21 July 2016