Alonso: A Speed Demon Taking On All Challenges

Speeds up to 200 MPH. Extremely demanding physical requirements. Instantaneous decision making that can make the difference between first and second, or life and death. That’s just a snip of what Formula One racing is all about. Racecar driver Fernando Alonso has agonized through all the grueling work it takes to be a top Formula One competitor. His success on the race track has helped him become an icon in the F1 community and beyond.

Alonso has been racing since the young age of 3 and has not stopped since. He took the world by storm when his team finished first at the 1999 Euro Open, in his first season of competitive racing. While he certainly has a passion for the sport, he also understands the risks involved. His understanding and respect for how dangerous driving can be have helped him become a Role Model to children in his native Spain. Having been part of several crashes where he could have easily lost his life, Alonso has devoted much of his time to teaching young kids how to drive safely.

With the help of Access Safety, the Fernando Alonso Foundation is dedicated to teaching children the importance of road safety. The children receive firsthand experience by driving cars specially made for them, allowing them to learn both proper driving and the importance of road signs. The opportunity to acquire motor vehicle skills and awareness at a young age is an important step toward limiting future dangers on the road, and Alonso puts that front and center. As a result of his focus on community development, Alonso has also been a Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF since 2006. Through the organization, he has helped promote the eradication of polio in India and has been a stalwart advocate for children all over the world.

Alonso knows how important road safety is, but he also understands how crucial it is to have fun whenever possible. Since he is able to travel around the world to different race tracks, he often takes selfies with herds of fans and can constantly be seen smiling. Alonso likes to enjoy life, and, as seen below, even in a tiny little office he will find a way to entertain himself to the fullest by dunking on a mini basketball net as hard as possible. Apart from racing, his other big passion is cycling. While many F1 drivers cycle for training, it is Alonso’s second favorite sport and a huge hobby as well. Since 2011, he has wanted to form a top cycling team and become a contender to win the Tour de France.

That certainly is a Unique aspect of his racing career. He has not yet had success in forming a team because of how difficult it is to do so from nothing. But that has not stopped him from grinding through the process and attempting to assemble a unit to race in the 2017 edition of the Tour de France. His dream of fielding a top team and winning the Tour de France might seem like a long shot, but if he gives it as much effort and time as he has in F1, there is no doubt he is the man who can do it.

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Fernando Alonso is my Athlete CRUSH because he is a Role Model and a Unique individual. Whether it’s teaching road safety or building a cycling team from scratch, he will inspire others and have fun doing it. And once he decides to end his storied career in Formula One, I hope to one day read all about his glorious triumph at the Tour de France.


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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 21 June 2016