Pasha Biceps: The Muscle Powering Esports

Jarosław Jarząbkowski, also known as ‘pashaBiceps’, is helping to change stereotypes about esports. The online gaming community currently has a reputation for being tech-savvy, machine-heavy, and sedentary – not so much dynamic and athletically gifted. But Jarząbkowski, through his online prowess, reminds us all that gamers, too, can be accomplished athletes.

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As a member of, ‘Pasha’ represents one of the very best teams in the world of esports. The crew specializes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and since March of 2014, has placed first in seven premier tournaments. As a result, they’ve amassed nearly a million dollars in prize money. The team’s success has given Pasha all that more opportunity to showcase his personality as well as other abilities.

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When Pasha isn’t mowing down fellow gamers, he can often be found flexing his might in the gym. While it may be uncommon to see esports competitors mixing video game sessions with squats and deadlifts, the combination has worked well for Pasha. In fact, given the stress that comes with gaming, along with the required stamina to withstand long tournaments, it might not be a bad idea after all. He relies on his workouts to such a degree that some of his less fortunate competitions have come after substandard sessions in the gym. Lesson learned: pump, and then play.

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When Pasha is able to get a quality lift, he’s usually able to take that aggression and intensity to the big screen. Ultimately, what we see is a competitor who brings a Unique passion and energy to the stage. Fans have similarly shown a strong enthusiasm for his playing style. As the popularity of esports continues to grow, stars like Pasha will be revealed more and more. Which is where an opportunity lies to show that not all gamers are the same, and that esports can be real sports as well.

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Written by Athlete CRUSH

Posted 3 April 2017