The Deuce is Loose: Outhouse Racing Running Wild

Have you ever wondered why there was no sport for ranch owners, who also happen to be engineers with creative and competitive sides? Well neither have we, but finally that sport has arrived in the form of outhouse racing.

An instant classic of a sport, outhouse racing is stealing the hearts of many, including us here at Athlete CRUSH. The likes of Trenary, Michigan and Virginia City, Nevada hold this sport very dear and offer races every year.

The concept of the sport is to build and customize an outhouse with your friends as creatively as possible, and then race against other teams. Not only are the outhouses epic, but so are their names. Some of our favorites include Holy Crapper, Pot Rod, Stool Runnings, Peek A Poop and Butt Hut. As well as the race itself, competitors have the chance of winning the design trophy and award.

The sport takes place on either snow or asphalt, and the outhouses must be tailored accordingly. It is usually a 150 meter straight line sprint, with organizers sometimes placing hay barrels on the course as obstacles. The only rules concerning the creation of the outhouses are that they must include a toilet seat and a toilet paper dispenser. Teams of three compete, with one sitting in the outhouse and two pushing it.

If you think this is something that isn’t taken seriously, you would be sorely mistaken. This year’s World Championship competition in Virginia City will mark the sport’s 28th already. Not only that, the event is sponsored by Cemetery Gin, Dolan Auto Group, Camelot Party Rentals, Coors Light and Bucket Blood Saloon. Winners also take home a cash prize. In addition, the event hosts a parade to kick things off before the races start.

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At this point, we are convinced that we have convinced you all of the awesomeness that is outhouse racing. Now get your crew together, sign up for the World Championships this year in October and get started on your masterpiece!


Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 25 April 2017