Get Your Head Around The Wild Sport Of Headis

Find table tennis too easy? Well get rid of the traditional ball & paddle and bust out a soccer ball. Introducing the hard-headed (literally) sport of Headis. A possible future Olympic sport? You tell me.

A sport which requires a tremendous amount of skill and practice, Headis has been gaining traction in the social media realm through its natural virality. Created by German visionary, René Wegner, Headis has also caught the public’s attention with its unconventional marketing methods. Headis competitions breed an exciting and party-like atmosphere.

The most recent Headis World Championship was held in Wegner’s hometown, Kaiserslautern, in a setting one would most likely not expect. The competition hosted a pool party, players in costumes, players with hilariously creative names (like Headi Potter), chanting fans and grilling. Talk about a spectator sport! The idea is to create a sport as fun to watch as it is to play. This party-like culture is a vital component and even considered a rule of the sport by many. Needless to say, fans have been obliging.

Although this sport seems like “something for the boys,” it is a growing movement with big aspirations and good intentions. Headição is a project run by Wegner and his squad which spreads the sport around the world and gives less fortunate children the possibility to participate. Thus far, they have been to the likes of Brazil and the Dominican Republic with plans of visiting South Africa this year. Keep your head up and keep making a difference! It is definitely a sport with the potential to grow into something much bigger – perhaps a future Olympic sport? You tell me.

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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 11 April 2017