The Professor Rules The Pool

With the second, and perhaps final, retirement of 23-time Olympic Gold medallist Michael Phelps imminent, the sport of swimming will be looking for its next global superstar. Our Athlete CRUSH for today, 22-year-old Cameron McEvoy, has the potential to take the mantle and dominate the pool for years to come. Whilst his swimming talent is obvious, there is another, more surprising, side to Cam that could see him make waves in the world of science.

Cam competes in the prestigious 50m and 100m freestyle distances, which have long been considered the glamour distances in the pool. He has already showcased his superb Skill at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he won four Gold medals, and at two Olympic Games, recently winning a bronze medal as part of the Australian 4 x 100m freestyle relay team at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Cam’s world-class Skill is perhaps only matched by his intellect and ability in the classroom.

Despite his demanding full-time training schedule, Cam is studying a degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics at Griffith University where he is part of the Griffith Sports College. It is there where he feeds his passion for learning about advanced concepts including quantum theory, gravitational waves, and parallel universes. Cam’s passion for physics perhaps even eclipses his love of swimming. On his official Twitter profile, he describes himself as being “over 17 Billion Hydrogen atoms tall” and often races with scientific icons adorned on his swimming cap. Whilst his competitors may nominate Michael Phelps or Ian Thorpe as their idols, Cam counts Nobel-prize winning theoretical physicist Richard Feynman as his idol and dreams to one day land a job with NASA.

This Unique interest has seen Cam earn himself the nickname “The Professor” from his colleagues, which describes his approach to academic life and also the way he uses his intellect to improve his performances in the pool. Cam applies a scientific approach to his training regime, always striving to learn more about the mechanics of his body to improve his technique and performance. He lives, trains, and studies on Australia’s Gold Coast, where he has just been revealed as the second official Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) Ambassador. He states that:

I’m excited to join the Gold Coast 2018 family and play my part in the promotion of this international event. To have the Commonwealth Games in my own backyard, the place I call home, will be a special time; it’s a great opportunity to share the experience with my family and friends. GoldCoast 2018

Judging from the pictures below, his swimming technique is also an advantage in mastering the waves in his backyard.

Stormy weekends keep the ball rolling in the ocean ✌🏼️

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This blend of Skill and Uniqueness describes why Cam is our Athlete CRUSH and also highlights his huge potential to create a legacy in and out of the pool. The Professor has started to reap the rewards of his hard work in competition and his dedication to excellence in all areas of his life leave him in great shape to become swimming’s most marketable male competitor, and an icon in the scientific community.


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Posted 7th September 2016