Owning his Craft

For the past five years, the CrossFit craze has taken the world of fitness by storm. An intense, efficient, and explosive training program, CrossFit has garnered substantial attention since expanding from 13 gyms in 2005 to over 13,000 today. Furthermore, it has attracted top athletes from around the world to compete in its annual CrossFit Games. Despite the added competition, Rich Froning has utterly dominated the field on his way to becoming one of the fittest men in the world.

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Rich Froning to many may not sound like a Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, or Lebron James in terms of pop culture stature. Yet Froning’s accomplishments are nonetheless staggeringly impressive. The 2011-2014 CrossFit Games “Fittest Man on Earth” and 2015 Affiliate Cup Champion is arguably just as dominant at his trade, if not more so, than any other athlete in major professional sports. Considering there were 324,307 participants from 175 countries at the beginning of this year’s CrossFit Games, Froning’s achievements are hardly anything to sneeze at. This July, as the final 2016 field narrows, he’ll look to add to his list of victories. If history serves as any indicator, he won’t be a guy to bet against.

Froning epitomizes peak fitness and is my Athlete CRUSH for his unstoppable Skill. His manner of crushing the competition is a pleasure to watch and motivation for others to reach their own physical potential. Froning’s ability can also be seen through his impeccable physique, which could rival just about any built body on the planet. His muscular foundation may yell out stiff bodybuilder who can’t bend over to touch his kneecaps, but don’t be fooled – Froning is an athletic freak. Have a look at his wild workout on the gymnastic rings below.

Froning demonstrates an uncanny ability to dominate a fitness regimen that requires so many different types of athletic movements and lifts, as well as other feats of strength, power, and endurance. His well-rounded Skill is impressive to bear witness to and serves as a lesson for fitness goers that balance and practicality can be just as inviting as looks and strength.


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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 29 June 2016