Huge Euge: The Art Behind Thor The Bodybuilder

Eugene Bradshaw has come a long way the past four years. It was that long ago, following a break up with his girlfriend, that ‘Huge Euge’ first discovered a strong liking for the gym. At first, lifting weights served as an emotional outlet for him. But over time, the hobby would be transformed into a full-time passion. And in the process, Euge would turn himself into a bonafide beast in the gym. In learning of his story, we reached out to Huge Euge to hear more about the man who has become known as ‘Thor the bodybuilder’.

As a student at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, Huge Euge was initially on scholarship as a rower. Soon, however, he found his passion for the gym, in part because of his creative side. “I’m really artistic,” Euge said, “and I view body building as a means of combining my artistic skills and physical outlet together, like the body is a sculpture and you’re chipping away at it with exercise each day. I used to do a lot of drawing and painting and I feel like I’m still using those passions a little bit with gym.”

Another factor that led Euge to weights was injuries from other sports. “I used to be a basketballer. I really wanted to go to America with basketball. I used to do basketball training every day and then I’d do an injury and be out for three months. I was like ‘I’m over this, I’m just going to be my own coach’. I haven’t had one injury in gym because you can be your own coach.” And with his new passion, the results have been significant. “I always have my end goal in mind when I’m training. I’m just thinking about America and imagining the final product.” And it doesn’t stop there for the massive Aussie. In addition to bodybuilding, Euge also mentions an interest in the entertainment industry. “I’d like to get into movies as well or WWE.”

One of the striking characteristics about Huge Euge is his competitive drive. “I think I’m really competitive because I grew up in a school that didn’t allow competition. They had that rule to teach the kids that competitiveness is not important. But it kind of had the opposite effect on me. It made me super competitive because I’d never had the chance to compete. So when I came out of school I was just an absolute beast.”

That drive led Euge to try his hand at a number of different hobbies. “Whatever I’ve done I’ve always gone 100% at it. When I was younger, I skateboarded for probably 10 years and I got really good at it. And that’s the only thing I did. Then I played bass guitar and I smashed that as well. I practiced 5 hours a day for a while. Anything I do I just go 100% at it. I can’t really do it half-assed. I’m really competitive and I just wanted to be the biggest at every gym I trained at.”

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As one can imagine, he’s received numerous compliments for how much he resembles fellow Aussie Chris Hemsworth’s movie character, Thor. “People just started calling me Thor when I was out. Just anywhere. It just kind of became my name.” Euge has clearly been flattered by the recent praise and attention. “I’ve only just become Thor. I used to be really ugly I reckon.” His nickname became Thor the bodybuilder, but Euge thinks the monikers may just be starting. “I used to be Eugene, then it went to Huge Euge, now its Thor. I reckon in two year’s time it’s going to be Hercules.”

Euge prefers to go by Huge Euge now, as he seeks his own identity, but for a while he was eager to further explore his liking to Thor, especially when the Marvel Comics movie came out. “I applied for Thor. I called them up and they said I was just too big for it. And I was so happy. I was going to get them to email me an official thing saying you’re too big for Thor. I would have just put it on a plaque and put it against my dresser. The goal is achieved!”

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Unfortunately, because Euge stands 6’6, 130 kilos (285 lbs), he was too large to serve as a body double for Thor in the film. But that hasn’t stopped people in the streets of Brisbane from approaching Huge Euge, especially women. When discussing what that usually entails, he was straight to the point. “I always shoulder press them. That’s my signature move. I’ve become known as the guy who lifts girls around the city.”

A man of brawn and looks, Euge also holds a Bachelor’s in exercise science and is currently two subjects away from completing his Master’s in physiotherapy. For now, however, his degrees might serve a backup plan, as he strives to move to the U.S. to pursue a career in acting or WWE. But regardless of where he goes or what he does, the Unique ability and personality of Huge Euge will certainly make him one to watch out for.

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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 25 January 2017