Drop Everything For Finland’s Wife Carrying

Have you ever wanted to see a sport which combines love, determination, an obstacle course and a prize consisting of beer and money? Well look no further – enter the Unique Finnish sport of wife carrying.

Couples compete in running a 278-yard course as quickly as possible whilst the husband/man carries their wife/partner in some manner. The most popular carry continues to be the ‘Estonian carry’, which can be seen in the picture above.

The grand prize is the woman’s weight in beer and a cash prize equivalent to five times the woman’s weight. The current Northern American champions are a couple from Westbrook, Maine – Elliot and Giana Storey. Their efforts saw them clock in at an impressive 59.18 seconds. This sheer athleticism saw the couple walk away with a hefty 11 cases of Goose Island Oktoberfest beer and $665.

The World Championships will be held this summer in Sonkajärvi, Finland. Will the current North American titleholders go on to be crowned the world’s fiercest couple? Tune in to find out!

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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 28 March 2017