Freestyler Andrew Henderson Balancing Work And Play

Andrew Henderson might just have the coolest job in the world. As a soccer freestyler, he makes a living juggling soccer balls – and juggling them quite well. In fact, the Brit’s impressive touch has seen him rack up numerous awards and records, all the while sending him across the globe to amuse audiences both young and old.

At 24 years old, Henderson has made quite an impression in the world of freestlye. To date, he is the current and four-time World Champion and seven-time UK Champion in freestyle. He has also set records for a number of different skills and moves, as demonstrated below. His repertoire is as large as it is impressive – from balancing acts with his head, to ball-maintained back flips, to deft touches with his feet, Henderson leaves few stones unturned in his enthralling acts.

Henderson’s skill set is enough to captivate the attention of any onlooker, but just as fascinating are the locations in which he performs. On his Whistle Sports World Tour, Henderson took off for Fortaleza, Brazil. There, the stage was set in front of stunning beaches and majestic backdrops. On one occasion, Henderson ventured out to an old shipwreck, whereby he mounted the rusty and hole-ridden hunk of metal to do what he does best. For Henderson, this may have been a first, but his constant desire to push the envelope and explore new limits certainly isn’t.

As a result of Henderson’s Skill, celebrities have taken notice. From royalty’s Prince Harry to track star Asafa Powell, Henderson has attracted quite the following. Even soccer icon Neymar was impressed with his ability on the ball. Freestyle soccer may not rival the highest professional sport leagues around the world, but there’s no doubting its appeal and the world-class skill and athleticism of performers like Henderson.

The effortlessness with which he performs is incredible. And the beauty of it all is that he can bring it to anyone, seemingly anywhere. For a sport with few recognizable superstars, Henderson could be on to something. His Unique ability and captivating material have placed him on track to be a household name in no time.


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Written by AthleteCRUSH Staff

Posted 1 December 2016