Extreme Ironing Hardly Your Everyday Chore

Are you a fan of ironing, but are looking for a way to inject a little adrenaline into the chore? Do we have the solution for you – extreme ironing! This outrageously creative sport is exactly what it sounds like. The athletes or “extreme ironists” challenge themselves and each other in managing to have their picture taken in the craziest possible scenario… wait for it… whilst ironing.

Pictures of extreme ironing have been snapped underwater, on mountain tops, during free fall and in countless other dangerous situations. The creation of the sport roots back to the United Kingdom and a visionary named Phil Shaw (aka Steam) in the 1990’s. The sport saw its moment in the limelight in 2002, as Germany held the first ever World Championships, where teams went head to head in ironing whilst completing an obstacle course.

The scoring was out of a total of 120 points, which could be earned in three separate categories: quality of the pressing/ironing(/60), style (/40) and speed (/20). An impressive 80 teams from 10 different countries took part with Mr. Shaw and his men walking away with the gold. The peak of this unconventional sport was around that time with roughly 1,500 ironists participating worldwide. A World Tour followed two years later, but the sport has since fallen to the wayside.

Although the sport has lost some momentum, Phil Shaw actually recently announced his return from retirement. Will his return mean the revival of our beloved sport? You be the judge.

P.S. – don’t try this at home kids – #thatsnotextremeenough

Extreme ironing… #extremeironing

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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 4 April 2017