The Audacious Sport Of Bellyflopping

Have you ever messed up a dive and landed belly first in the pool? Turns out your excuse could have been that you were practicing for the obscure sport of bellyflopping.

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The extreme sport has been dubbed, “Dødsing,” by the Norwegians, which roughly translates to deathing — how appropriate. The concept is to try and maintain an exposed torso for as long as possible, before eventually hitting the water. The scoring works on the basis of height, speed, power, distance, how spread out the athlete’s body is, lateness of the curl (the athlete balling up) and the size of the splash. Enjoy some of our favourite flops below.

This sport is far from just a hobby with a number of different championships across the world. Most recently, the World Championships were held in Oslo, Norway, with a brave teenage soul, by the name of Truls Torp, walking away with the gold.

Hard work pays off, WORLD CHAMPION TODAY!!!!!!!! #døds #vm #wtf

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Not only does the sport of bellyflopping host a World Championship competition, amongst many others, but it has also attracted the attention and sponsorship dollars of a little company some of us may know in Björn Borg. The sport has also started to interest the likes of Red Bull. Clearly these athletes are not just playing around!


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Hats off to these fearless individuals for putting their bodies on the line for the sport they love.

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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 18 April 2017