You’ve Been Warned

With a smooth lefty stroke and a penchant for hammering bowlers, the cricketing ability of David Warner is surpassed by few batsmen. His on-field banter and competitive drive may get under the skin of opponents and fans alike, yet Warner’s exploits on the pitch are as sublime as they are explosive. When Warner is at the crease, there’s no telling what will happen.

David Warner’s Skill strikes fear in cricket teams around the world due to his potent swats and prolific run totals. A consummate striker of the ball, as well as all-around top fielder, Warner is currently the Vice-Captain and opening batsmen for the Australian national cricket team. He broke onto the cricketing scene by smashing 89 runs off 43 balls in a 2009 T20 match (the shorter, more exciting format of cricket) against South Africa. He then reaffirmed his status amongst the world’s best this past November by amassing three successive test centuries (scores of 100 in the longer, slower form of cricket) against New Zealand.

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Currently ranked the ninth best batsman in the world by the International Cricket Council, Warner is the first Australian to score 1,500 T20 career runs. Six of those runs came off one gargantuan stroke that saw a 90 mph ball crushed onto the roof at Adelaide Oval, in what amounted to shades of the legendary Babe Ruth. If you still aren’t convinced, have a look at his highlight reel that would make baseball slugging enthusiasts salivate.

Warner’s punishment of opposing bowlers is manifested through his Uniqueness as a player. A savvy, destructive, and dexterous player, he utilizes an aggressive and unpredictable approach that capitalizes on bowling mistakes and keeps opponents guessing. In a 2012 T20 match against India, Warner, mid-delivery, switched his batting stance from the left to the right side, and then proceeded with his off-hand to pummel the oncoming ball deep into the stands. India were simply left to shake their heads and marvel, following this literal stroke of genius.

His ingenious shot against India in 2012:

Today, few in the sport truly break the classic cricketing mold like Warner. His exploits may not be free of occasional controversy and backlash; his nightclub altercation with English cricketer Joe Root and game day spats with opponents have culminated to a label of instigator and tormentor. Yet this is all the more reason why Warner is such a unique addition to a sport so entrenched in custom and tradition; and when added to Warner’s unprecedented style of play, he truly becomes a sight to behold.

For these reasons, David Warner is my Athlete CRUSH. Watching him play, I’m reminded of my childhood summers spent in the back yard, swinging a bat as hard as I can without a care in the world. On a larger scale, his playing style has helped to transform the game and elicit excitement from fans around the globe. Warner’s next shot or audacious move may be difficult to predict; what is certain though, is that bowlers must beware – you’ve been warned.


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Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 19 May 2016