Lowell Bailey, Biathlon’s Champion

American biathlete Lowell Bailey is fresh off a gold medal performance at the 2017 IBU World Championships. Not only did he make history at the event, but he also took an unconventional path toward claiming the title. For his determination and Uniqueness, it’s only fitting to call Lowell our Athlete CRUSH.   Follow Lowell Bailey…

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Racing For The Record Books With Cyclist Sarah Storey

For Women Crush Wednesday we’re highlighting Paralympian Sarah Storey. Initially an exceedingly accomplished swimmer for the British national team, Storey eventually became a renowned competitor on the cycling track, where she firmly made her mark in the record books. In recognizing Storey’s impressive Skill, we’re also highlighting her Role Model status as one of Britain’s most beloved and…

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Call Him Spartacus

Fabian Cancellara had not planned to be a world-class cyclist. After all, his first true passion as a child was soccer. Yet that would all change when he fell in love with an old family bike at the age of 13. From that day on, Cancellara would embrace cycling over soccer and never look back.…

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