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From The Pitch To Power: Three Athletes Who Made The Transition From Sport To Politics

Apr 5, 2018

“To say that politics are not part of sports is not being realistic. When I run, I am more than a runner. I am a diplomat, an ambassador for my country.” This quote is by former 1500m world record holder and middle-distance athlete, Filbert Bayi. He scratches the surface on how sports and politics intertwine.…

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Athlete CRUSH

11 Athletes Who Supported March for Our Lives

Mar 29, 2018

America has definitely been experiencing a rough patch in its history in terms of gun violence. Even though gun violence has been a recurring theme throughout American history, it has never had such an impact on the youth. CNN reported that after only 12 weeks in 2018, there had already been 17 school shootings, averaging…

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Athlete CRUSH

Brittany Hochevar – The Versatile Volleyballer

Mar 28, 2018

Our Woman Crush Wednesday is Brittany Hochevar! The impressive volleyball player, Olympic commentator & pilates instructor (with an amazing sense of humor) does it all! The crazy talented and fellow Coloradical native @catherineaeppel captured this during a rad shoot in Malibu this week. It pretty much sums up the crazy balance of living bicoastal and…

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The 10 Best Fictional Athletes To Hit The Big Screen

Aug 15, 2017

Sports movies come and go, but the classics have a way of sticking around like few others can. Just as memorable are the many characters who anchor their roles to nostalgia, hilarity, or a perfect mix right in between. The finest become folk heroes, representative of an era. In uncovering some of the most legendary…

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Unforgettable Stars From Our Favorite Childhood Flicks

Aug 1, 2017

Often, role models in sport come from heroes of today – omnipresent in the flesh, on SportsCenter, and online sites. But other times, they’re fictional figures we worship on the big screen. Whatever your choice, the power of our favorite sport stars is undeniable and a source of great influence. In honor of those who…

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Fultz Ready To Shine On NBA Stage

Jun 2, 2017

June has come, which amongst many things, means the NBA Draft is just a few weeks away. And this year’s crop of college stars has basketball fans especially excited. As NBA teams analyze the field and narrow down their choices, we’ve jumped the gun and made our own selection in the meantime. Coming to NBA…

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CJ Sapong Bringing Fresh Perspective to MLS

May 31, 2017

What do greenhouses, Philadelphia, and MLS player CJ Sapong have in common? They’re all at the heart of a new organization, Sacred Seeds, that’s tasked itself with improving communities through “education, sustenance and self-sustainability.” It’s the latest effort from the Philadelphia Union forward, who’s as bullish on his new venture as he’s been prolific in…

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Amobi Okugo: How to Live and Continue Living Like a Pro

May 12, 2017

We see it all the time. A promising young prodigy signs a lucrative deal, and just years later the money has suddenly vanished. Sport, unfortunately, has become a comfy home to this vicious cycle, where history has seamlessly repeated itself. Fortunately, that’s where Amobi Okugo has stepped in to buck the trend. But that's just…

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The Deuce is Loose: Outhouse Racing Running Wild

Apr 25, 2017

Have you ever wondered why there was no sport for ranch owners, who also happen to be engineers with creative and competitive sides? Well neither have we, but finally that sport has arrived in the form of outhouse racing. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLC6wj_Ajcw/?tagged=outhouseracing An instant classic of a sport, outhouse racing is stealing the hearts of many, including…

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