Ruling the Kingdom and the Court

Let’s face it – people either love or hate LeBron James. There is no in-between. King James is arguably the game’s best talent today. He’s also arguably a top 3 player amongst those who have played in the NBA…EVER. I guess that his talents (and the infamous “Decision”) are one reason why people love to hate him. Yet many other people love LeBron not only for the amazing things he does on the court but also for his unique personality and the way he conducts himself off-court. For me, personally, LeBron is an Athlete CRUSH because of his Skills and the way he acts as a Role Model for positive change.

LeBron’s Skills are second to none and have helped him become a dominant player on NBA courts across the United States. King James has been named the League’s MVP four times in addition to winning three NBA Championships and three Finals MVP’s. He’s also been selected to the All-Star game 14 times and is 7th on the all-time scoring list at just 33 years of age. LeBron is currently averaging 33.7 points, 9 assists and 8.7 rebounds over the course of the 2017-2018 playoffs and looks poised to make his 8th straight finals appearance. Only 4 players have gone to the NBA finals more than 8 times consecutively in NBA history. LeBron has carried the Cleveland Cavaliers over the 2017-2018 playoffs and he is the main reason why the Cavaliers have been able to equalize the Eastern Conference finals against the Boston Celtics 2-2.


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As a Role Model, LeBron is an active supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of America, and the Children’s Defense Fund. He has also established his own charity foundation – the LeBron James Family Foundation. The foundation holds bike-a-thons in Ohio to raise money for various causes and address social disadvantages. In 2015, James announced a partnership with the University of Akron to provide scholarships for as many as 2,300 children.

These attributes make King James my Athlete CRUSH and reaffirm why LeBron will go down in history as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The man who was once one of the world’s most disliked athletes after turning his back on Cleveland is once again loved by the Cavalier faithful after lifting Cleveland’s 52 year major sport championship drought in 2016. He may have a few blemishes here and there, but what King was perfect?


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Posted 10 May 2016