College World Series’ Best of the Last 10 Years

Steeped in tradition, the College World Series annually pits the nation’s best against one another in a do-or-die showdown. The culmination is a special two weeks of inspired play and passionate love for the game. MLB stars of tomorrow showcase their talents while Cinderella stories chase their own dreams. So in homage to its recent history and all the special plays along the way, we’ve compiled the best College World Series moments of the last 10 years.

The Infield Leather

2015 – Alex Bregman, LSU

Tied at three a piece half way through an elimination game vs. TCU, Bregman’s Tigers were pressed against the wall. The junior then picked an opportune time to show his range up the middle and produced a show-stopping gem all in attendance could applaud. The pick, turn, and throw to first epitomized Bregman’s time at LSU and was a large reason why the Houston Astros selected him with the #2 overall pick just days earlier.

2015 – Kenny Towns, Virginia

If Bregman picked a big moment to bail his team out, Kenny Towns picked THE moment to save his team’s hide. In the Championship game of the College World Series, tied 2-2 with a runner on third, a hot shot down the 3rd base line looked destined for extra bases. A diving, rolling Kenny Towns somehow collected the ball in his glove before firing across the diamond in time to get the batter. Towns’ defense helped ensure Vanderbilt’s tally would remain at two for the remainder of the game, as Virginia went on to claim their 1st College World Series title.

The Outfield Grabs

2014 – Auston Bousfield, Ole Miss

Willie Mays would be proud, Mr. Bousfield. Against a formidable Virginia squad, the senior centerfielder made an over-the-shoulder catch for the ages, turning and adjusting to keep his team in the game. Although the Rebels lost the game, Bousfield’s play was a memorable highlight during one of the best season’s in program history.

2013 – Michael Conforto, Oregon State

Currently roaming the outfield for the New York Mets, it wasn’t long ago that Conforto was still a college stud leading his Oregon State Beavers in Omaha. Son of Tracie Conforto, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in synchronized swimming and Mike Conforto, an inside linebacker for Penn State, the family grace and power evidently made its way down to the young MLB talent. Something tells me the wall took the worst of that collision, but either way, Conforto’s exploits during the College World Series showed why he was worth the #10 overall pick in the 2014 MLB draft.

The Memorable Endings

2010 – Whit Merrifield, South Carolina

It doesn’t get much cooler than this. As kids, ball players dream of a chance to win a championship with one final swing of the bat. In 2010, Whit Merrifield had that exact opportunity, and came through in a big way for his Gamecocks. The base knock to right set off dog pile galore and gave South Carolina its first of two championships in as many years.

2008 – Steve Detwiler, Fresno State

Sophomore Steve Detwiler couldn’t have drawn this game up any better. Going 4-4 with 2 home runs and all six of his team’s RBI, all with a torn ligament in his thumb, the outfielder then made the final catch of the game to finish off one of the truly great underdog stories in college athletics history. Fresno State goes down as the lowest-seeded team in NCAA history to win a championship with an RPI of 89. By way of staving off elimination six times, they capped off the improbable run and etched their names in College World Series lore.


Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 26 June 2017

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