Mr. November: Working Hard Year-Round

After playing out long careers, many athletes use their retirement to take vacations and relax. Derek Jeter, longtime Yankee and former face of baseball, does not partake in this tradition. Instead, Jeter has turned his full attention to his charity, the Turn 2 Foundation, which aims to provide youth with activities and programs. The values instilled in his charity will enable youth to share Jeter’s qualities of being a Role Model for the future.

Unlike many athletes who idolize their role models off Skill alone, Derek Jeter was inspired by Dave Winfield for all of his characteristics. Jeter praised the fellow ex-Yankee star not just for his on-field efforts, but also his contribution to the community through Winfield’s charity. While growing up, Jeter and his younger sister willingly assisted their father, who has a Ph.D. in sociology, with counseling alcoholics and patients with drug issues.

Through his experience with these counseling sessions, Derek decided to create a foundation that focused on preventing people from turning to alcohol and drugs at a young age. He saw the negative effects firsthand, as it was tough to ignore the steep decline of Detroit in his home state of Michigan. When Jeter launched the Turn 2 Foundation during his first Major League Baseball (MLB) season in 1996, KQED News reported Detroit had the highest crime rate in all of the United States.

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The Turn 2 Foundation features various programs from drug prevention to recreational activities that are custom fit to specific areas based off community need. For example, Jeter’s Leaders, which is established in western Michigan and New York City, is designed to provide youth with leadership skills and steps toward a positive lifestyle. Derek Jeter uses his connections to Michigan and the Yankees to promote similar programs. Two years before Jeter’s retirement from MLB, he opened up a rehab facility in Tampa Bay, Florida, where the Yankees have spring training.

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Jeter’s organization of his own charity is a direct link to his Character. Many professional athletes engage in charitable work to improve their perception in the media or honor their team’s views. The Turn 2 Foundation was started based off Jeter’s desire to help people, regardless of what the media thought. Derek Jeter has always been the genuine man he is today. A leader. A role model. An Athlete CRUSH.


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Posted 28 June 2016