Jayson Werth The Price Of Admission

The MLB season contains one of the more draining schedules for professional athletes. A full 162 games – plus playoffs – over the course of seven months give way to significant physical fatigue and few opportunities for rest. But thanks to guys like Jayson Werth, players can better focus on the positives. Werth effortlessly loosens up the clubhouse and brings out the humor in everyone, as he has stamped his name in baseball as one cool, and very funny, dude.

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An outfielder for the Washington Nationals, Werth takes on a number of roles for his club. As a top-of-the-order bat, he is relied upon to help drive the offense. As a 14-year veteran, he is also counted on to provide valuable experience and leadership. And then as the unofficial team jokester, Werth takes on the crucial duty of keeping team spirits high and teammates greatly entertained. The latter is perhaps his most important contribution to a team that has won three division titles in the last five years. Click here to find out about Japanese baseball personality Munenori Kawasaki: (http://www.athletecrush.com/baseball/athlete-crush-munenori-kawasaki-mlb/)

Is it Werth it? Let me work it.

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As Yankee legend Yogi Berra once said, “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” Baseball is fundamentally rooted in experiencing failure, especially for hitters. So whenever a psychological edge can be attained, a great advantage can be won. Werth seamlessly bonds his team together and raises the collective bar, even if he does so through some unconventional methods. As detailed below, his post-game interviews can prove quite a trip.

At the same time, we can see Werth as a standout character through his legendary flow. The days of a five o’clock shadow and cut back hair are long in his career’s past. Instead, fans are treated to some serious Major League salad that makes Werth look even more like a formidable opponent. It’s just one more aspect of his persona that keeps fans and teammates alike asking for more. Win or lose, home run or strikeout, deadpan or gregarious, Werth is a Unique clubhouse presence you won’t want to miss, and one that, hopefully, won’t be going away soon.


Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 26 March 2017