Peyton Manning: Sundays Just Aren’t The Same

Dear Peyton Manning,
I am writing this to express why you are my Athlete CRUSH. I wanted to pay tribute to your legacy and the lasting impact you’ve had on my life. It’s strange not seeing you lead the huddle every Sunday. Peyton, I hope you are enjoying retirement – Sundays are not the same without you.

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Peyton Manning, you made me love football. I became an avid football fan at the age of twelve, and every year I would turn on the TV and watch you break records, win games, and compete for MVP awards. It has been a pleasure to watch you play for the last 18 years. In my mind, you are the best regular season quarterback of all time. You have been consistently great from the Indianapolis days to your final years in the mile-high city. Peyton Manning, you changed the game and redefined the NFL through your ability to control an offense. You are a once in a generation kind of guy. I will tell my children about your greatness.

I remember the day the Colts released you. I was home from school watching the press conference. I cried because I thought that was the end, but the media and I were wrong. A whole 55 touchdown passes and two Super bowl appearances later, you resurrected your career. From your stats to your heart bound performances, you played with everything you had no matter the circumstance. During Super Bowl 50, the world watched and rooted for your happy finale, to hoist the Lombardi Trophy and ride off into the sunset. Which you achieved with grace and humility. Watching you play over these years has been an honor. You are the ultimate sheriff and I am thrilled that you get to leave the game a Super Bowl champion.

Thank you, Peyton Manning, for making me love the game. I am deeply moved by what you have done for football, the fans, and the future of the NFL. You will be missed. With deep respect and gratitude, I thank you. The world is now yours as you move into the post-football phase of your life and process the impact you’ve had on fans worldwide. To my man, Peyton Manning, you are a heck of a player and a man. The last 18 years have been a pleasure. You represent the best of the NFL and will certainly be missed.


Written by Athlete CRUSH Staff

Posted 17 November 2016