Our mission is to inspire the world of sport through positivity by connecting athletes, fans, charities, and brands in a global community.

We believe in

An "Athlete CRUSH" refers to the attributes that athletes possess, and that fans love. These are Character, Role model, Uniqueness, Skill, and Hotness.

Like a fingerprint, the five hearts of the logo represent the CRUSH attributes that are distinct for every athlete

We are

Jason Doyle, CMO

Jason earned a PhD in Marketing for
his research on sport fan behavior.
He has worked as a Growth Hacking
consultant for large organizations in
Australia. Jason heads the marketing
team at Athlete CRUSH and is
responsible for our innovative
promotions and advertising.

Thilo Kunkel, CEO

Thilo is a specialist in athlete brand-ing and holds a PhD in Business. He advises ath letes on strategies to gain social media attention, improve their charitable efforts and gain sponsors. Thilo is responsible for business development and in working with our partners.

Karl Morris, CIO

Karl holds a PhD in Computer
Science with a specialization in mobile app development. He
provides strategic advice on digital strategies and technological optimization. Karl leads the information technology division
at Athlete CRUSH.

Advisory Board

Michael Lahoud
Miami FC

Michael is a professional soccer
player for Miami FC and the
Sierra Leone national team. He is
an ambassador for Beyond Sport,
and was awarded the North
American Soccer League's
Humanitarian of the Year award
in 2016 for his work in building
schools in Sierra Leone.

Adam Hall
Inside Sport Group

Adam is the CEO of the Inside
Sport Group, an organization
that connects influencers in the
sport industry. He previously
was the Director of the Ameri-
cas for Beyond Sport, a sport for
social change charity.

Marion Leo
Result Sports

Mario is the CEO of Result Sports a global digital sports media company providing media research and strategies to some of the biggest soccer teams in the world, such as Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona, and the German Ice Hockey Federation.